Monday, 19 September 2011

CHICKEN MOMOS - Steamed Dumplings filled with Chicken

Steamed momos is one of our favourite snacks while going out on weekend shopping. This traditional delicacy of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and few adjoining South Asian regions come in different shapes, sizes and with a variety of fillings both veg and non-veg.

One day while eagerly dumping down these dumplings, I curiously enquired about its making to the momo seller. He gave me a quick briefing and I registered every word that fell from his mouth. I decided to try these at home, slightly modified to suit our taste and here I'm sharing it with you - the luscious momos!


MAIDA FLOUR ----- 1 cup
CHICKEN ----- 4 to 5 pieces
ONION -----  1 medium
GARLIC ----- 3 pods
GINGER ----- 1 small piece
GREEN CHILLY ---- 1 to 2
SOY SAUCE ----- 1 tbsp 


Add salt to the flour, mix well and knead it stiff using little water. Keep it covered with a damp cloth to avoid drying (see pic 1)

 I marinated the chicken pieces with a tablespoon of curd, chilly powder, pepper powder, ginger - garlic paste and salt. Cooked it with the marination until soft and minced the boneless meat. This is the change I made from the original recipe

Chop onion, green chilly, ginger and garlic to very fine pieces (see pic 3)

In a pan heat a little oil, add all the chopped items and stir with a little salt. Sauté until the crispness of onion is lost and its tender. May be for about 4 mins. Add the soy sauce and mix well

Put the minced chicken, give a good stir and let it fry for about 3 mins. The colour slightly changes dark since soy sauce is added. Put off the flame (see pic 4)

For the wrap, take the resting dough knead it once and divide it into small balls, roll it thin and cut them into small rounds. I used a small bowl to help me with this geometry. Experts roll it out small and even without any tools! (see pic below)

Take one wrap place some filling in the centre and seal the centre first by spreading a little water to the edges (see pic 6) 

Though there are different ways of sealing the momos, I prefer this crescent shape sealing for its look  and ease

Seal the edges well by pushing the filling in and pleat the edges tight (see pic 7,8)

Pinch the dough next to the pleat on both sides so that the wrap is tight and sealed well (see pic 9).

Do the same with all the wraps and place them in a steamer

Steam them until cooked. It took me 7mins in an electric steamer.

The momos turn shiny and glazy once cooked and do not stick to hand. This is an indication that they are cooked well

Serve momos hot with a simple garlic n ginger dip. 

For the dip, fry a little finely chopped garlic and ginger and add some red chilly paste. Put a little salt and 1tbsp tomato sauce. Pour little water and bring to a boil. Hot and tangy sauce is ready!


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