Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RASGULLA - Syrupy Sweet dish with Paneer/cheese

Yesterday morning while I boiled milk for making my morning delight 'the filter coffee', milk got curdled. On such days, I usually make crumbled paneer masala or use it in some dishes as a filling. This time I tried the tasty Rasgullas with this fresh paneer.
I happened to see an easy recipe in Raks Kitchen and tried the same. It was easy cooking, tasted good and now if milk curdles, I would not mind missing a hot cup of coffee in the morning......!


MILK ----- 500ml
LIME JUICE----- 1tbsp
SUGAR ----- 1cup
WATER ----- 1.25cup
ICE CUBES ----6 to 7
CARDAMOM ----- 3
PISTACHIOS --- optional


  • Boil milk, use whole fat milk if exclusively making rasgullas. Add 1tbsp lime juice to it.Simmer flame and boil it for a little while more. You can see the cheese seperates from whey. Put off the flame

  • Add the ice cubes and mix well

  • Pour the content through a muslin cloth, I used a clean kitchen cloth to drain the water

  • Place the cloth with paneer under running water, so that the smell and flavour of lime is washed off well

  • Slightly press and remove excess water. Now hang the cloth for 30mins and drain the water completely

  • Take the paneer out to a plate. They would be in crumbled pieces. Slowly and smoothly knead the paneer for about 10mins. Take time and patience to do this part of the recipe

  • The paneer would now be smooth and firm. Pinch a little of this paneer and roll it smooth between your palms and shape it to your desire

  • Meanwhile, boil water in a pressure cooker with 1cup of sugar and crushed cardamoms. Let the sugar dissolve completely and water start to boil
  • Reduce the flame and drop the paneer balls gently into the hot water. Close the lid and put weight to the cooker

  • After the first whistle, put the flame to sim and cook it further for 5mins. Now put off the flame and let the cooker cool down

  • Open the cooker lid and you can see the rasgullas doubled in size. The soft and fresh rasgullas are divine!
  • Transfer it to a bowl and garnish with broken pistachios or any other garnish that you like. Let it come to room temperature and then refrigerate.
  • Serve it warm or cool


  • Drain water completely from the paneer
  • Take care and time while kneading the paneer
  • Do not remove the pressure from cooker early
  • I could make 10 rasgullas with this measure


  1. yummy rasgullas rajeni.perfectly made too and the pic is inviting

  2. Looks fantabulous like sodium floating in water without the fire ("mouthwater' put off the fire!!)

    Great work.


  3. The pic is inviting. It tempts me to try out this one. Will let you know.

  4. Looks delicious Raj!...You should think of a way to make a fortune with your talent! :-)


  5. hi my fav thanks a lot for posting i will try it out and update to you, but when pressure cook it won't ragullas break-sudha

  6. Sudha, thanks for the comments. It does not break. Make sure that the water starts boiling and gently put them. Try it, u wud luv them!

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